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Common Law Marriage – Mythbusters

By Eva Powell   Myth  There is a wide spread belief in the UK of the existence of ‘common law’ marriage, that if a couple live together long enough they become ‘common law’ husband and wife and acquire similar rights to a married couple or civil partnership. However, contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing. It is, in fact, a myth.   According […]

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Intestacy Rules Changes

By Eva Powell Intestacy Rules Changes – October 2014   You may recall our earlier blog post “Why you should make a Will”. In that blog we set out the benefits of making a Will – the main one being that you are in control of how your estate is divided should you pass away, instead of it being subject to the Intestacy Rules. The […]

National Minimum Wage Changes

By Michael Green & Eva Powell   Minimum Wage Changes – are you keeping up? It is safe to say that most people are aware of the existence of the national minimum wage. Introduced in 1999, it provides the minimum hourly rate which must be paid to adult employees in the UK. But if you dig a little deeper, it is likely that far fewer […]

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