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Where there’s a Will….

~By Mike Green~ There is a general perception that the wishes expressed in your “Last Will and Testament” will be respected by those who survive you, and by the Courts. Unfortunately, that view may no longer be as well founded as it once was. We lawyers have traditionally encouraged everyone to make a Will. It was (and remains) a sensible thing to do. It allows […]

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Holiday Pay Update – Employment Appeal Tribunal

By Mike Green Yesterday’s ruling (4th November 2014) in the Employment Appeal Tribunal relating to overtime holiday pay is being portrayed on news outlets as being a huge victory for employees and an equivalent disaster for employers, but is that really the case?  To answer that question, we need to look in more detail at the arguments placed before the tribunal and what it may […]

Medical Negligence – So You Think You Have a Claim?

By Michael Green So you think you have suffered medical negligence?  How do you find out if you have a claim?   The first thing to bear in mind is that there is no guarantee that any medical treatment or operation is going to succeed.  Even in the best of hands, a small percentage don’t always go to plan, and there is no way to […]

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Getting it Right this Summer! Holiday Pay for Employees

By Michael Green   As we move through Spring and Summer approaches, the planning of holidays takes on a renewed importance. Since the advent of the Working Time Directive, all employees have been entitled to paid holidays. The question, however, arises “how much holiday pay should they get?” The answer is a day’s pay. But what does that actually mean?   In the case of […]